5 tips to improve general fitness and health

General Fitness is not only important for being a great Squash player but its also very important for your quality of life. Take a look at our top five recommendations.

Meditate: deep breathing, quiet contemplation or sustained focus on a color, phrase or sound can help you let go of stress and feel peaceful and relaxed. Stress isn’t good for your well-being and your heart health it causes heart rate and blood pressure to increase (which both increase risk of heart disease). One study from 2012 found that African-Americans with heart disease who regularly practiced meditation were 48% less likely to suffer heart attack or stroke than African-Americans who attended a health education class for over 5 years. Incorporating this relaxation process into your daily routine could reduce your risk of cardiovascular incidents. Sound worth it?

Eat 5 fruits/vegetables per day. Don’t think about having to cut out other foods from your diet, focus on adding veggies to breakfast, snacks, lunch, and/or dinner. They can be very flavorful, are low in calories and high in fiber to fill you up without contributing a ton to your calorie bank. Cut up fresh veggies to dip in hummus or nut butter for a snack. Add some to your morning eggs, fill half your dinner plate with non-starchy veggies. Your heart will thank you for it!

Get some activity. The American Heart Association defines physical activity as “anything that makes you move your body and burn calories”. Not a runner, go to a dance class, play tennis, go for a walk, do something! Activity is great for your heart, your mood, your stress levels, and your mobility in the future. We asked Personal Trainer Shoreditch London what he recommends for overall cardiovascular health. He recommends to do at least 30 minutes cardio five days per week, see below.

moderate-intensity aerobic exercise at least 5 days/week.
Take a bit of time to do things you enjoy. Do you like painting, hiking, drawing, writing,…. Take some time to do activities you actually enjoy. Doing so will help reduce stress and increase happiness!

Practice mindful eating. If you pay attention to what you’re eating, and your satisfaction with what you’re eating you’re more likely to avoid overeating.

Hope you found these tips helpful.