How to improve your squash game


Every player has different style of playing, techniques, strengths and weakness but the basic frame of playing is somewhat similar of every player. If you are following all correct pattern of playing but still are not able to win the game then you probably want to sit back and think of your weakness. It is not just all the big techniques that matter in a game, but it is the small things that make your game work. You have to focus on the small tips and techniques to become a pro in the game. So here are the best fundamental lessons that you must know to improve your squash game.

5 tips to improve your squash game

Squash is a ball sport game played by two or four players in a four walled court with a hollow small rubber ball, if you are new to this game or want to improve it then here are the tips for you:

  • Do not cut the corners– it is good to do a lot of interval work. You can do the tempo runs where you can switch between jogging, walking, sprinting or anything up to 45 mins. While you are practicing for the game, try to avoid the corners and strike it back strait to the wall. You can also ask your trainer to keep hitting in the corners so that you can hit them back.
  • Know your weakness– this is a most important thing that every player must do. You must know what your weakness is and you must set a plan for that. Also know what your strengths are and keep them building from time to time. You can use your strengths to win the game and work on your weakness.
  • Control the game– squash is a game where having control on the game is the most important thing. You will have to learn how to control the ball and the striker to keep winning the game. Other than this, even when you are playing the game try to keep the game at your terms.
  • Be observant– this is again the most important part of the game. You will have to be observant while you are playing. Try to make your partner someone who is pro at the game. You will have to learn a lot from your partner by observing the way they move their feet and hit the ball.
  • Keep yourself fit– playing squash needs a lot of activeness as you has to move quickly to hit the ball. Therefore it is very important that you keep yourself fit. Try to eat a lot of veggies and try to keep yourself fit. You can go for running, to improve your footwork. Also try to include some good footwork practice in your warm up sessions.

So include these tips and small tricks into your game and it is for sure that you will see the improvement in your game. Try to practice the above given points on daily basis to see the best results.