Tips for increased speed for your squash game


Do you know what the world’s healthiest sport is? Squash is the world healthiest sport because it challenges all facets of the mind and body. Playing quash for 30 minutes can help you burn 500 calories, also it can help you test your strength, speed, stamina as well as flexibility. This game involves the tactics, technique as well as mental skills. If you think you are a weak player then you can take help of the given tips to increase your speed in the game of squash.

Some tips to increase speed in squash

  • Gets fit- having good shape and body in this game is necessary or else your game will break down. Also, to get fit, it is necessary that you play this game regularly. It is thus, necessary to train your muscles to play this game. You need to strengthen up the hips, glutes, and quads and lower back and help lungs, shoulders as well as forearm muscles with the hitting of the ball repetitively. Yoga will help you in stretching; along with this, you can do cardio work.
  • Get the grip- you must have a good grip on the racket and it is the most important aspect of this game. Hold the racket in front of you by the non-playing hand and place the racket face at the slightly open angle. Now, shake hands with the grip of the racket using your playing hand and form the pincer movement using thumb and the forefinger. V shape must be formed by the gap between forefinger and the thumb. does not squeeze your hands buy open it up in a way that grip sit closer to the fingers than palm and in this way you will get a good grip on the racket.
  • Do warm up- before the match starts it is necessary that you do 30 minutes warm up. You can do quick feet, skipping but make sure you don’t do the warm-up for an hour constantly. It is important to increase as well as decrease the intensity.
  • Use the lob- in this game the players are on same space but separated by the net. Due to this traffic problem as well as frantic exchanges can arise. It is good to use the height of front wall and lob of the ball as well as give time to prepare for another short because you don’t have the eye on the back and you don’t know where your opponent is.
  • Cross fit- usually squash match last for 30 to 40 minutes thus, you need to work hard and get quick rest. To train yourself for the specifics of this game you need to do circuit training or the cross fit. Cross fit engages high intensity and full body workout with the short resting intervals, and it is perfect for improving squash specific fitness.

The above-given tips when followed wisely can help you become the good player in this game. You can also look at the pro’s tournaments and find out good tips.